Get to know the summer crew!

Noah Gray

Program Director

My name is Noah and I am so stoked to be back at Barnabas this summer! I can’t believe how lucky I get to be to see some of your faces after all this time!

So a little bit about me. Firstly, I’m in love with this Jesus guy (I guess that’s part of the reason I’m at Barnabas) but yeah, all in on Him! Secondly, I’ve just finished my second year of Uni out at UBC doing my bachelors of commerce. I love sports of all kinds, whether it be football, hockey, rugby, basketball; you name it, I love it. I also love to travel (as cheesy as that is), and you can count on me to be wherever the chicken wings are.

So unbelievably pumped to catch up with all the old faces, and equally excited to meet all you new ones! I am truly expectant for all that God has in store for this summer! Mucho love your way.

Chelsea Davis

Group Leader

Hello! I am very excited to be returning to Barnabas this summer, and to meet you in person this time around!

A little bit about myself:
I am heading into my third year at SFU, majoring in counselling psychology. I am passionate about storytelling, mental health initiatives, and youth. As soon as I graduate, I hope to work in an area that combines these three aspects.

When I’m not in class, I am most likely taking a lengthy hike, hanging out near the ocean, on a mission to find good coffee, or trying to perfect my creative/bullet journaling!

So looking forward to hanging out with you all and to what God is preparing for each of us this summer.

Trevor MacIntosh

Group Leader

On June 18 I graduated from UFV with a Bachelor of Science in Physics. In the fall I will be traveling to Windsor, ON to begin working on my Masters.

In my spare time I like to spin pillows, (ask me to demonstrate sometime), bike ride, sing, play strategy games, and create graphing images on Desmos. The most common response I will give you if you ask me to do something is: “Sure”!

I am a youth leader at Heritage Alliance Church and I love seeing God at work in student’s lives. I am really excited to be spending the summer at Barnabas again!

Emily Wiens

Group Leader

Hello, My name is Emily and I am so excited to be at Barnabas this summer!

I am from Abbotsford and have just finished my first year at Trinity Western University. I am studying Business and want to go into the marketing world once I graduate.

Some things I enjoy are coffee, dancing, being around friends and family, and watching sunsets!

I have been a camper many times at Barnabas and have also been on rowing club a couple of times. This is my first year on Staff and I am stoked to see what God has in store for the summer and can’t wait to meet you all!

Grace Bauer


I am truly so excited to be on staff here at Barnabas this summer.

Coming out of a long stint of working in the coffee industry back home in Ontario, housekeeping at Barnabas is a new adventure for me but it’s one I look forward to as I’m sure I will learn and grow.

I have a passion for writing and photography and hope to use my love for coffee and people to maybe one day start my own coffee shop.

I’m looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me as I work alongside some amazing people.

Caroline Zenky

Assistant Cook

This is my first year serving on the Barnabas summer staff. I am so excited to see how God will use this summer to strengthen my faith and bring Him all the glory.

Besides cooking for my friends and family, I enjoy activities like snowboarding, reading and writing fiction, gardening, and obsessing over musical theatre.

This fall I will begin my third year of my BA degree at the University of the Fraser Valley in the hopes of graduating and becoming a high school English teacher.

In this season of uncertainty, I find myself always turning to Ecclesiastes 3, which says: “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…He has made everything beautiful in its time.” (vs. 1, 11a)

Jacob Wiebe


Hi! I’m Jake, and I’m looking forward to being your lifeguard this summer. I visited Barnabas many times as a camper and enjoyed serving on the Rowing Club and in the General Store.

I am a new graduate from Pacific Academy in Surrey. One of the highlights of my high school experience was going on an international outreach trip to a school in Uganda. Next year, I look forward to attending the Quest program at Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, and after that I plan to study Mechanical Engineering at UBC.

I enjoy participating in many sports, including swimming, soccer, hockey, football, and many more. In my free time, I like to play guitar, ride my bike, spend time with friends, and watch hockey games (Go Canucks Go!).

One of my favourite scripture passages is from Proverbs 2:1,2,&5.
“My son, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you, turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding; then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.”

I’m looking forward to meeting you during your stay at Barnabas!

Bethany Verwoerd

General Storekeeper

Hi! My name’s Beth (short for Bethany- I happily go by either), and I’m stoked to be one of the co-managers of the General Store this summer!

I’ve just finished my third year of studies at UVic to become an elementary teacher. If you’re looking for interesting stories from a middle school environment, ask me about my recent experience teaching Grade 6 students.

When I’m not writing unit plans for university or a practicum, you can find me having meaningful chats with friends over the phone or safely in person, checking out a new hike I’ve found in the Fraser Valley, or listening to or playing music.

What has been really on my mind and heart this year is the need for rest and peace amidst what may have felt like chaos for many of us. I have been leaning into this with Jesus this year, and I am praying you too will experience Jesus’ rest and peace as you join us at Barnabas.

If you’re an ice cream and/or small business lover like me, or even if you’re really into good coffee and want to experience that aspect of the General Store, come on by! I’m looking forward to meeting and serving you soon!

Jenessa Gordon

Assistant General Storekeeper

I grew up in Calgary, A.B. and just finished my first year in the Faculty of Science at UBC Vancouver.

I spend my free time drawing, painting, and have been (attempting) French for several years. I also enjoy fitness, sports, and cooking.

All-around I am a bright and fun person who is guaranteed to make you smile.!

Phoebe Colby


Hi! My name is Phoebe Colby. I grew up in Seaside, California
and Vancouver, BC. I went to post-secondary in Montreal and graduated semi-recently in English Literature and History, leading me straight onto the farming career path!

I am passionate about dance parties, indigenous land sovereignty, and food justice. I am excited to be out working on the beautiful lands of the Skwxwú7mesh and other Coast Salish nations this summer!

Stephanie Wiebe

Staff Childcare

Fresh from graduating high school with my IB diploma, I am excited to spend time with guests, volunteers, and staff as we experience life together.

I like to spend my time outdoors, birdwatching and working on art.

I will be happy to pursue her interests in psychology this fall in my post secondary education.

“Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” (Ephesians 6:10)

Kayla Erickson

Housekeeping/Program Assistant

Hello! My name is Kayla! I just finished my second year of high school where I took Art, Outdoor Education, band, and many other subjects.

Some things I like to do outside of school are: Kayaking, camping, ATVing, and skateboarding. I’ve always wanted to travel the world and my most desired destination would be Africa!

I’ve been coming to Barnabas since I was a little kid and I’m thrilled to be working here this summer!

Ainslea Brown

July Volunteer

Hi my name is Ainslea! I just graduated high school and I am so excited to serve this summer on summer staff.

I love the outdoors, going hiking and going on spontaneous adventures.

In the fall I am looking forward to attending Capernwray Bible School in England and then studying psychology.

One of my favourite Bible verses comes from Micah 7:8 and it says, “For though I fall, I will rise again. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.”

Andrew Mrak

August Volunteer

I’m Andrew and I just graduated from high school this year. Playing basket- ball with my close friends, sports, shows, video games, music, and friends are some of the things I most enjoy.

I served two summers on the Rowing Club at Barnabas.

This fall I plan on working and at some point eventually going to school. Still not sure what I will be going into yet. Right now I work part time at Ikea, and part time at a construction site.

I look forward to working at Barnabas this year, creating new relationships, learning and growing closer to God this summer.

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