Barnabas Family Scholarship Application


Barnabas Family Scholarship Applications

A limited number of scholarships are available to help families attend who would not otherwise be able to afford to come on a Barnabas Family Retreat in the Spring, Summer or Fall. Scholarship families are offered a generous discount on the cost of attending a Barnabas Family Retreat.

If finances would prevent you from attending a week of family camp with us, please fill out the below details and a Barnabas staff member will be in touch to schedule a follow up phone call. If you would like to nominate another family for a scholarship instead, please also fill in the form below.

Please note that the opportunity to access this fund will be limited to once every few years in order to enable as many people as possible to benefit.

These scholarship places are made possible thanks to the generosity of donors. If you would like to donate to our scholarship fund, please get in touch.

** Our Scholarship Program is not receiving applications at this time **