Get Involved

Team up with Barnabas Landing and help us create a place of fun, beauty, and restoration for all who visit us. From paid summer positions to week-long volunteer opportunities, there are plenty of ways to use your gifts at Barnabas.

Join the unfolding story

There is a servant-oriented theme radiating through all that happens at Barnabas.  This stems from the heart and vision of the ministry and takes its root in the life of Jesus himself.   We steward what we have been given and tend our resources to the best of our abilities.  And what results when we offer our gifts back to God is often so much more beautiful and enticing than we could have first imagined. 

There’s a quality to so many of the details, yet without ostentation – Barnabas is not like a boutique product, but rather, much like a home.   

This can be seen in the way food is prepared, the thoughtful touches in how our guest rooms are made up; from the design details of the buildings, to the way flowers are planted and nurtured. There’s a sense of intentionality in everything that is done.  This and so much more come together to provide a sense of generous hospitality that draws people in and welcomes them back again and again.  Many who return a second, third or hundredth time (yes, seriously), come because they want to be part of what God is doing, and want to offer something back. 

Whether you find the right fit, or just fancy jumping in, we want to invite you to come and participate in the unfolding story, right here on The Landing!  Learn more about our team here.


There are many other ways to participate in the continuing growth and ministry of Barnabas. Find out more here.